No Dogs are permitted into the Arena or Campsite. 

1. Is there camping?

Yes, camping is right next door to the arena entrance. That’s where the party starts on Friday afternoon. Food outlets, Toilets and Urinals are located throughout the campsite.  

2. When does the campsite open and close?

Campsite will open at 14:00pm on Friday, and we ask that you to vacate by 12:00pm on Sunday. Overspill car parking is available if you arrive early and need to park off road so you can get the beers going.

3. Carparking and campervans/caravans

Car parking is free and included in your ticket.  Caravans/campervans require a Campervan / Caravan pass that is purchased separately please see ticket page. There are no vehicle restrictions for the campsite and the car parks. There are no electric hook ups in the campsite so charge up your batteries.

4. Caravans/Campervans: There is a small charge for caravans/campervans please see ticket page. Once on site you will be directed to the campervan site and allocated a 7m x 6m pitch. Most vans will be directed to the grassed area but the area is not big enough for all 350 campers so some will be placed on the tarmac. Please indicate on arrival if you are happy on tarmac to give those who specifically want to park on the grass can do so . This year we have a mobile Elsan point on the site along with water points and portable toilets. There is also a Main Elsan point near Red gate on your way off site . There are no electric hook ups in the campsite so charge your batteries up. Please consider other campers if you use a generator and ensure its turned off during the night 

Here are the campsite Terms & Conditions

  • A campsite pass per individual will be required for entry and 1 campervan supplement per campervan. No glass containers will be permitted in the campsite. All liquids must be contained within proper vessels, cans or plastic containers. Campervans are to keep any glassed items that come with their campervan inside their van for safety purposes. 
  • Campsite will open from approx. 14:00 hrs Friday until around 12:00 hrs Sunday.  Please do not arrive before 1400hrs on Friday.
  • No open camp fires will be permitted.
  • The campsite is right next to the car park. A distance of several metres at most. Cars will be parked on hard standing, tents can then be pitched on grass next to hard standing. Trailer Tents, Motorhomes and Caravans can be parked in the campervan area with a campervan supplement ticket . There may be limited space available so be mindful of this when considering erecting large gazebos or having large tents for just one person. If you want to camp as a group please try to arrive at a similar time where possible else we cannot guarantee that you will be able to stay together. Moving of vehicle between 23:00 and 6:30 hrs is strictly prohibited for safety reasons unless you have authorisation to do so by security in case of an emergency.
  • There will be no electrical hook up available so please make sure you allow for this before arrival.
  • A small accessible campsite will be set up closer to the amenities though you are still free to camp with friends/family elsewhere if you prefer.
  • Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to onsite security or festival staff.
  • Only Camping Stoves (including gas) and barbecue’s on legs are permitted in the campsite. However due to the fire risk open fires or tinfoil BBQs that lay directly on the ground will not be permitted. 

FULL TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE AVAILABLE AT and it is each individual’s responsibility to make sure that they are aware of the content. Any questions please email Stonedeaf Productions Ltd –


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