We have some great news for you all. On the back of the Prime Minister’s announcement that all restrictions on events including festivals have been lifted, we can confirm the awesome news that…… WE ARE 100% ON.

There may be some of you who are happy to throw caution to the wind and abandon testing, masking up, social distancing and never mention the word “Covid” again. And we can’t blame you, it’s been a nightmare 18 months. However, there are still those who are vulnerable and very concerned at the uncertainty and rapidly rising cases. This view must also be respected. To that end we have made some major safety improvements to help people feel safer in this still volatile “Covid” climate.

FRIDAY ROCK SHOW IS NOW IN THE ARENA:  For this year only, we have moved the Friday Night Rock Show into the main outside arena. An inside event carried too many risks and could potentially have been cancelled at the last minute if cases start to rise out of control. It’s going to be awesome to see the mighty Wayward Sons and Guests on our main stage on the Friday night.

HUGE VIDEO SCREENS: This year we have huge video screens flanking the main stage. Those of you who prefer to be away from the clutter of the front of stage area can still enjoy the bands from a safer distance further back in the arena where the crowd is thinner and naturally more socially distanced.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: It will come as no surprise to any of you that this year will be far from normal as the pandemic isn’t over. We have a duty of care to you all; to all crews, all musicians and every single person on site during the festival. We have been in close consultation with Newark District Council’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG), the event staff at the showground, other festival organisers, the bands, and you, the fans. Trying to balance safety and the freedoms expected at a rock festival has been hugely difficult but we have decided that the following ‘Terms of Entry’ will apply to this year’s event. 

  • You will be required to produce proof of a Negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) or PCR test taken after 0600 on Thu 26 Aug 2021. There are NO exceptions to this stipulation. Do not travel to the site if you do not have proof of a negative test as you will not be allowed on site.
  • Once onsite (including the campsite) there will be no Covid-19 restrictions imposed on festival goers. It is entirely up to the individual to act in a way they feel is appropriate to the current world situation. This MUST be respected by all parties on both sides of the mask / no mask divide.
  • All staff will wear face coverings indoors, in enclosed areas and when in close contact with the public. Everyone else is encouraged to do the same, however, this remains a personal choice. Hand sanitiser stations will be positioned throughout the site. Each vendor will regularly clean their area and control their queuing system, use single use sachets and cutlery and wear face coverings where appropriate.

We have tried to find a balance between keeping everyone as safe as possible and allowing people the freedom to enjoy Stonedead the way we all love; relaxed and care free. Government legislation requires anyone who is Covid -19 positive to self-isolate so all we are doing, along with the majority of other events, is asking for proof that you are free of the Covid-19 virus before entry.

Not everyone will agree with these measures but common opinion suggests the majority will and that it is a small sacrifice to enable us to go ahead with Stonedead 2021. We have worked tirelessly to be able to allow us to run this year’s show and, in the end, it will have to happen with certain conditions. We have no choice if the event is to go ahead safely, and your safety is paramount to us during the event.  


It isn’t anything the majority of us haven’t been doing for months so hopefully shouldn’t be too onerous. Remember there are no exceptions; do not travel if you can’t produce proof of a negative LFT or PCR.

  1. If you haven’t got any LFTs you can collect them at most chemists and GP surgeries. Alternatively, you can order them online from this link and they arrive the following day.

  • Take the test any time after 0600 on Thu 26 Aug 2021 and register the result on the .Gov website at . You will receive a text and email confirming your test result. You will be required to show that text, email or printed version of it at the gate along with a form of ID. If you do not have a photo ID, a statement or bill with your name on it will suffice, printed out or on your phone.
  • Download the app to enable you to click into the track and trace system. If you do not have a smart phone, then you will need to complete a manual check in form with full name and phone number.
  • Pack your kit and get ready for an awesome live rock experience!


  1. Will I still have to produce proof of a negative test even if I am double vaccinated?

Yes. You can still be positive and transmit the virus even if you are fully vaccinated.

  • If I haven’t got proof of a negative test, should I travel to the festival site?

No. You will not be allowed on site without proof of a negative test.

  • If I test positive, will I get a refund?

It would help the festivals survival if you would accept the offer to roll your ticket over to 2022. However, if you prefer we will give you credit for a future event. This will require a proof of PCR test and more details on this will follow.

  • Can I enjoy the festival fully free of Covid-19 restrictions when on site?

Yes, to a certain extent. The virus is still with us and whereas it is no longer backed by Government legislation, common sense and respect for fellow festival goers still applies. We all have to be mindful that we are still firmly in the grip of a worldwide pandemic and must tailor our behaviour accordingly.    

If you have any questions or queries please email

Thanks for your continued support.

Stonedead Festival Production Crew