[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]1. Lost Property

  • Lost property is situated at the Stonedead HQ tent in the main arena.  
  • Should you find anything or indeed lose anything you can visit the staff here who will be only too happy to help.  Any lost property found during the festival clean up, we will keep safe for 30 days after the event to allow you time to contact us on  info@stonedeadfestival.co.uk. Anything not reclaimed after this point will be disposed of.


2. Food & Drink

There will be numerous food stalls selling everything from Chinese, Mexican Burgers, Hog Roast, Jacket Spuds, Steak Baps to Full English Breakfast, and much more.

Free drinking water will be available at designated water points in the campsites and arena.

Food and alcohol will be permitted into the arena. Quantity per person: 4 cans beer/lager/cider/pre-mixed-spirit-cans into the arena. To see the Alcohol Policy please click here


3. Chairs 

Are camping chairs allowed in the arena?
Of course! We all need to take a comfy seat sometimes, all we ask if that you please be considerate to our other festival goers where you place them. 


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