Opening Poll

Do you want to be the first band on stage at Stonedead 2022? Do you want to play in front of thousands of people at one of the UK’s best rock festival? We want a hard rocking, adrenalin fueled juggernaut of a band to kick things off…..

The opening poll will be launching Saturday 18th Sept at 12.00pm for applications and closing 9th October 12.00pm.

What do you need to do?

1.) Complete the application form.

2.) Provide 3 YouTube links of studio tracks and 2 live videos so we can get a feel of what the band are like visually. No other sources for links can be used. Any other sources will result in the application being removed. Sorry.

3.) Give us a very short Bio of the band. NO EPK links.

4.) Be available to play 27th August 2022.

Successful applications will be then put into heats and voted for by the Stonedead fans, before a final round which is judged by the Stonedead team. If you are unsuccessful in your application we will let you know before the competition starts. This will be down to a number of reasons – your style doesn’t quite fit what we are looking for or what you do is similar to someone we have booked already. Please don’t be offended if you don’t get into the heats, we get hundreds of applications and can only accommodate a set amount.

What do you win?

1.) The chance to play live at Stonedead in front of thousands of Rock fans by opening up the main event.

2.) A fee of £450 to cover expenses getting to an from the event.

3.) Our hospitality and catering for the whole show. We look after Artists like nobody else!!

4.) The band will be promoted across all of our promo and social media.

Application process is now live please fill out the form below, please remember applications close Saturday 9th October at 12:00pm Good Luck !!!!