Playing Stonedead

Stonedead prides itself in giving the stage to both upcoming and established artists. For a band the chance to perform infront of thousands of fans is what its all about.

As an event that is One Day, One Stage, we have a limited number of slots, with nine bands performing during the show. This makes it very hard to accommodate all of the bands we would like to have on the bill, with hundreds of applications every year to play.

Once the show has finished, we start to put together the line-up for the following year. Every September we launch the opening poll competition, which gives the fans the chance to vote on which band they would like to be first on stage at the following event.

Not only does this provide a brilliant opportunity for the winning band, it also gives new exposure to all the bands who are in the heats. Each heat will be seen by thousands of potential new fans for the bands taking part.

For agents & management of established, recording and touring artists who are interested in higher up the bill, please email