Interested in covering Stonedead Festival as a member of the media? We are delighted that you are planning to do so.

There are four different types of media who we accredit:

  • Reviewers

  • Interviewers – all interviews with band members must be agreed in writing, and an interview time confirmed, via their press agents. 

  • Photographers – Accreditation only given along with a reviewer attached to a publication. Applications from Press Agency Photographers will only be accepted if applied for by the Agency. Only one representative per Agency will be accepted.

  • Bloggers

If your accreditation application is successful, a commitment from you is required to send links to your reviews to the Media Team at Stonedead when they are published.

Apply for accreditation

Thank you for your interest in press application for Stonedead Festival 2022. Accreditation applications will be open from 31st March 2022 with a closing date of 30th June 2022, however we will endeavour to inform you of applications prior to the closing date.

Please note that all applications need to be filled out on an individual basis