Press Form

Interested in covering Stonedead Festival as a member of the media? We are delighted you are planning to do so. There are four different types of media who we accredit:

  • Reviewers

  • Interviewers – all interviews with band members must be agreed in writing, and an interview time confirmed, via their press agents. It is required that you conduct at least six interviews throughout the day.

  • Photographers – Accreditation only given along with a reviewer attached to a publication. Applications from Press Agency Photographers will only be accepted if applied for by the Agency. Only one representative per Agency will be accepted.

  • Bloggers

If your accreditation application is successful, a commitment from you is required to send links to your reviews to the Media Team at Stonedead when they are published.

Apply for accreditation

Media accreditation for Stonedead Festival will open in the spring.

Please note that due to the pandemic no decision will be taken for press accreditation until 1st July 2021. We appreciate that this makes planning difficult but due to the unusual circumstances, we are sure you understand that due to available space, the capacity may be reduced.

Supporting your application

If the editor is not completing this form all applications will require the appropriate editor, producer or webmaster to email their support of your application.

Please detail your name and ‘MEDIA APPLICATION – YOUR PUBLICATION‘ in the email subject heading if you send us any supporting images or materials via email. This will enable us to match your email with your online application.


**NOTE: For online publications we would appreciate all post-event coverage to be live within 14 days of the event and links to your content forwarded to the Media Team at Stonedead when they are published.**



  • Photographers must abide by the rules of the pit as specified below and obey any instructions from security or other event staff regarding any other changes.
  • SLR cameras only.
  • No use of flash in the pit or outside the pit with your arena pass.
  • No entering the pit with a flashgun attached or attaching flash once in the pit
  • No food or drink to be taken into the pit.
  • Acts will close the pit after the first 3 songs of their set and therefore photographers may only get one song to shoot each act.