Camping Upgrade for Arena Only



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Camping Upgrade for Arena Only ticket holders


This is a Camping Upgrade Ticket for the holder of an Arena Only Ticket for Stonedead Festival 2022.

This supplement is to upgrade an existing Arena Only ticket purchase. All purchasers of this Camping Upgrade ticket will still be required to present an Arena Only Ticket upon arrival.

Day parking included at no extra charge, any vehicle welcome.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email

Tickets are subject to Terms & Conditions.
(Sit back, open a beer and read them carefully, but they do apply even if you don’t read them!)

If you consider yourself disabled or need a personal assistant for a valid medical reason, please purchase a ticket only for yourself ands contact us. Your PA ticket will be free but we will need to verify your condition with proof, such as a doctor’s letter, a blue badge or disability benefit.