Trader Terms & Conditions

Non-Refundable Deposits must be paid on completion of the online acceptance form. The balance of the pitch fee must be received by 17:00 on 1st July 2024; part-payments will not be accepted.

If payment is not received by the stipulated date the stall offer will be withdrawn and the pitch reallocated.

NO REFUNDS will be given once payment is made.

No rebates will be given to traders as a result of bad weather, cancellation on the grounds of war or terrorism, cancellation at the request of the police or government, a change of performance programme or necessary re-siting of stalls. The festival will not accept responsibility for the level of trading during the event.

The festival does not accept any liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from acts of terrorism as defined in the UK Terrorism Act 2000.


Arena Trading

Traders are expected to trade from 17:00 until 23:30 on Friday 23rd August 2024 and from 10:30 to 23:30 on Saturday 24th August 2024. Access for set up is available Thursday 22nd August 2024.  Earlier access may be arranged with the Arena Manager.

Campsite Trading

Traders are expected to trade from 12 Noon Friday 23rd August 2024 until 12 Noon Sunday 26th August 2024 Traders must be set up ready to trade by 12 Noon on the Friday. You will be expected to continue trading until 11am on Sunday 25th August.  Access for set up is available from Thursday 22nd August 2024.  Breakfast must be available to campers from 06:00 on both Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August.

All Traders

Stonedead Festival reserves the Rights to amend trading times.

Opening times will be published in advance to the attendees.

All traders must be off site by 15:00 Sunday 25th August 2024

Traders must only sell approved goods at prices specified in their application and agreed with the Arena Manager as per the Offer Document. Sub-contracting or sub-letting a stall or any part of a stall is strictly forbidden. We expect the Trader applying to be the Trader running and managing the stall on site.

The festival reserves the right to reallocate or re-site stalls upon arrival at site.

Use of the Stonedead name and logo is protected and can only be used if express permission has been given. Unauthorised items will be confiscated.

The sale of counterfeit merchandise is prohibited.

The 2015 Names and Trading Disclosures regulation requires all traders to clearly display their business name and registered address.

Traders must display their trading name as per their application on the front of their stall (minimum size A4).

Under the Code of Practice on Powers of Entry, for Nottinghamshire County Council Trading Standards, traders are on notice that a visit may take place over the Festival period.

Under new Consumer legislation, customers are now entitled to a full refund for faulty products for up to 30 days after the purchase. This overrides previous legislation where consumers were only entitled to refunds for a “reasonable time”.

For the purpose of assessing future applications we may photograph each trade stall during the Festival.


Traders are responsible for ensuring their staff have the relevant and approved passes. Anyone found without the correct accreditation will be evicted from site.

Traders will need to provide the names of their crew before 1st August 2023. Traders will be asked to confirm that appropriate Identification and Right to Work checks have been completed.

Only those with passes issued by the Arena Manager will be allowed access to site to build stalls.

Vehicle passes are non-transferrable. Any vehicles found to be on-site without the correct passes will be removed at the owners expense.

Traders must co-operate fully with Festival Security in any search of vehicles or stalls if required.

Vehicle movement MUST be kept to a minimum. The onsite speed limit must be observed at all times.  There are to be NO VEHICLE MOVEMENTS with in the arena when members of the public are in attendance UNLESS pre- arranged with the Arena Manger and escorted by Festival Staff.

All vehicles brought on-site are at the risk of the trader. These must be suitably insured. The festival cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur.

No animals are allowed on-site. Any animal found will be removed and the trader will cover the cost.

Stonedead Festival does not accept responsibility for any claims from delivery drivers/firms. ALL deliveries MUST be prearranged with the Arena Manager in advance of the Festival.

The use of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited for any person working or driving. The Road Traffic Act does apply on-site. Offenders will be reported to the police.


All trader sites may be inspected at any point during the Festival by Local Council or a member of Stonedead Festival Management Team.

Any trader found with an unauthorised electrical connection, or a hosepipe connection will be disconnected. 


Your stall may be subject to inspection by members of Stonedead Festival’s own safety team as well as by Local Authority and Fire Brigade officers. Traders must comply with general legislation relating to Health & Safety and CDM 2015. This means working safely to build/dismantle the stall, using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where specified.

The Festival is a building site particularly during the build and break. You MUST ensure your children are kept under close supervision at all times and all persons wear appropriate PPE.

Written Food Safety Management Procedures are required by law. These must be available for inspection at all times.

Written allergen information on all unpackaged food sold must be available, as required by law. You may display a sign advising consumers that further information is available on request.

Written information must be displayed if any product contains Genetically Modified ingredients.

Fire Risk Assessments are required by law. These must be available for inspection at all times and include information on preventing fire and action to be taken if a fire breaks out. All Food Traders are required to provide their fire safety equipment including but not exclusively, extinguishers, blankets and signs.

Traders are not permitted to have open fires at the back of the markets. BBQ’s and contained fires may be permitted on agreement with Arena Managers.

Traders must provide proof of Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance. Traders are required to carry £1 million Public Liability cover.

All Food Traders must be registered with their own Local Authority.

Traders selling Tobacco products (if authorised) must comply with current legislation.

Traders must not sell alcohol or any products containing alcohol.


Items not permitted on-site: Glass, body piercing equipment, lasers, sky lanterns, fireworks, nitrous oxide (without written approval). Products that are deemed ‘unfit for human consumption’ and used as Legal Highs (possessed and/or sold as a whole product or separated into smaller quantities) are not permitted.

Weapons or potential weapons are not permitted on-site and will be confiscated.


All stallholders must remove and dispose site ALL refuse and litter generated by the stall from the Festival. Recycling or General rubbish bins and skips located in the Arena or Campsite areas are ONLY provided for public use NOT traders waste. 

Any costs for clearing and/or cleansing your pitch will be charged to you.  An invoice will be raised and sent after the event weekend, minimum fee £100.

Waste water from a stall must be disposed of in drains and NOT on grassed stall sites. 

All oil products must be taken away in an appropriate sealed container or drum. 

Stallholders must pack up the stall in an orderly and quiet manner and leave the stall site in the condition that it was prior to the stall being erected on Festival day.  

Any costs for clearing and/or cleansing your pitch will be charged to you.  An invoice will be raised and sent after the event weekend, minimum fee £200.



Breaches of any of the above Terms & Conditions or general legislation including, but not exclusively, Environmental Health, Food Safety and Health & Safety can result in eviction. If a trader is closed down and/or evicted they shall not be entitled to any rebate.

Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions are a legally binding contract between the Stall Owner, Stonedead Festival and Stonedeaf Productions Ltd.